Learn How to Solve Sudoku – Step by Step Video Lessons

How to Solve Sudoku - Step by Step Video GuideWhether you are an experienced Sudoku player and wanting to take your addiction of Sudoku to the next level or if you’re a complete newbie that wants to learn Sudoku but just not sure to how to start a Sudoku puzzle. You may be interested in this complete and easy to use guide on how to solve Sudoku using video lessons. This step by step Sudoku guide shows you in video format, all the aspects of learning and solving Sudoku, from the basics with easy to learn methods, the rules and terminology to the more advanced Sudoku strategy and techniques with Sudoku tips and tricks used by experts.

How to Solve Sudoku – Step by Step Video Guide

It can be difficult to grasp how to solve Sudoku just by reading how to do it, so if you are more used to learning things visually, then following these video tutorials may, not only be easier to learn Sudoku but will also be simpler to show you rather than write out explanations, which can be quite lengthy when it comes to the more difficult, hard to beat Sudoku puzzles. As the saying goes ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and with a video tutorial you can see exactly each step to solving a Sudoku puzzle.

For Sudoku Beginners -Solving Easy Puzzles
Included in these videos, starts from the basics including Sudoku rules, how to begin a puzzle, the concept behind Sudoku, scanning and elimination.

For intermediate Sudoku techniques
Once you have perfected the Sudoku basics, there is whole load more of strategies and techniques. Intermediary strategy methods such as pairs, triplets and quadruplets and how to spot them.

For the advanced Sudoku solver
These videos show you how to beat hard puzzles using advanced techniques like X wing, Swordfish, XYZ wing. These tutorials progress through the Sudoku methods incrementally, so that it is easy to grasp more advanced strategies without getting lost or overwhelmed!

For the toughest most difficult Sudoku strategies
From linked pairs, grid coloring and bilocation graphs. While many Sudoku books can be difficult to follow. Watching these videos, for such hard strategy tricks will make learning them a breeze!

Learning Sudoku in 30 Video Lessons

  • Lessons 1 to 7 include Sudoku basics, Sudoku rules, concepts and terms. Plus single choice, candidates, scanning and elimination.
  • Lessons 8 to 14 include learning about finding naked pairs, naked triplets, naked quadruplets, hidden pairs and hidden triplets.
  • Lessons 15 to 22 include advanced Sudoku strategy methods like X wing column and row variations, Swordfish variations, Jellyfish, XY wing, XYZ wing and WXYZ wing.
  • Lessons 23 to 30 include very advanced techniques such as linked pairs, grid coloring, bilocation graphs, Nishio guessing and backtracking.

So whether you have been struggling to learn how to Sudoku or you are stuck on a killer Sudoku, then this suite of 30 step by step lessons in video format will help you. With clear, concise, expert instructions that cater for any level of Sudoku player, from beginner to seasoned pro.

For more details, click on the link below to discover how you can enhance your Sudoku skills whatever your current level of expertise:

Learn How to Sudoku with Simple Step by Step Video Tutorials.

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